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Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class

May 7, 2024

Men get cosmetic treatments, too. Dr. Bass reveals the most popular aesthetic procedures for men who want to look and feel their best.

As it’s not as socially acceptable for men to modify their appearance, they tend to opt for procedures that give them natural results and virtually unnoticeable scars, such as eyelid surgery.

To enhance their masculine features, many younger men go for chin and cheek implants or body contouring around their chest and abs.

Men focus less on skin care and recurrent treatments, and more on the "one and done” procedures.

Hear how Dr. Bass uses different techniques during certain procedures for men to preserve their masculine features and to hide incisions well despite their short hair.


Learn more about eyelid surgery with Dr. Bass

Learn more about facial rejuvenation with Dr. Bass


About Dr. Lawrence Bass

Innovator. Industry veteran. In-demand Park Avenue board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Bass is a true master of his craft, not only in the OR but as an industry pioneer in the development and evaluation of new aesthetic technologies. With locations in both Manhattan (on Park Avenue between 62nd and 63rd Streets) and in Great Neck, Long Island, Dr. Bass has earned his reputation as the plastic surgeon for the most discerning patients in NYC and beyond.

To learn more, visit the Bass Plastic Surgery website or follow the team on Instagram @drbassnyc

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